What We Do

Books With Wings consults closely with primary school principals and teachers to ensure that we respond directly to their children’s literary needs. The vast majority of the books we send are given directly to the students themselves to keep, while other titles become part of their classroom libraries. We seek to fill all gaps by providing fiction, non-fiction, and workbooks which develop skills in English, science and mathematics. Many of the fictional works sent are interactive, such as colourful pop-up books, sticker books with text, and touch and feel books for younger children. We also send works on sports, art, superheroes, and native culture, including stories written by aboriginal authors. Books With Wings sends ONLY new books.

Books With Wings includes letters and stamped, addressed envelopes with the books we send. The letters ask questions about specific storybooks, so we hope to encourage the children to engage with and reflect on what they are reading. We respond immediately to their comments so that the children know that their answers are interesting and important. Additionally, this interactive approach provides the students with another opportunity to develop their literacy skills.

Books With Wings also provides Toronto donor schools with information on the challenges in literacy affecting First Nations children, and with colourful books inspired by indigenous culture for their libraries. Toronto children are therefore exposed to the rich tradition of story-telling which has always been an integral part of native life.